Great news for H55

Tuesday 20th February 2018

We just signed a first financing round with Nanodimension, a silicon Valley based VC firm which gives us the means to bring our electric propulsion technologies to the aviation industry.

H55 which I co-founded with former colleagues of Solar Impulse will continue developing electric propulsion technologies to make aviation quiet, clean, safer and more affordable. We already flew more than 1200 hours electric with the 2 solar impulse airplanes and 50 hours with aEro 1, an electric aerobatic airplane.

Fifteen years ago when we started Solar Impulse with my partner Bertrand Piccard, we were told that electric propulsion for airplanes was anecdotal and had no future.

It is now clear that electric propulsion will revolutionize aviation by making completely new airplane designs possible. What is science fiction today will be the reality of tomorrow!