Wednesday 18th March 2015

Solar Impulse officially took-off today at 1:48 am UTC (7:18 am local time) with a delay due to last minute customs and immigration formalities with Indian authorities. I will fly the aircraft from Ahmedabad to Varanasi, a flight anticipated to last 15 hours. Si2 will reach its highest altitude of 17,000 ft (5, 610 m) between Indore and Bhopal. The Landing in Varanasi is expected to be at 5:08 pm UTC (10:38 pm local time).

Upon landing, Bertrand will take the controls and fly to Mandalay (Myanmar) after a pit-stop of 9 hours. Solar Impulse will stay at least 2 days in Mandalay before continuing its journey to Chongqing, China, IF weather conditions allow us.